Friday, September 21, 2012

Naomi Append Dark + VCV Triphonic + ACT2 Voicebank soon to be released!

Hello all Naomi fans! I'm sorry if I've left this blog for dead for the past few months, but hopefully I'll start coming back & start updating it again.

Well, guess what everyone?

Naomi has 3 voicebanks being worked on & soon to be released!

Naomi has an ACT2 voicebank being worked on ((Replacement for ACT1 VB)), she also has a VCV Triphonic Voicebank being worked on.

AND, she also has an Append that's being worked on, and it's her Dark Append!

Download links will be available in the links page soon, check back for updates later on.

Alright, that's all.

I will see you all later! Have a nice day!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naomi voicebank update + upcoming voicebanks

Hello Naomi fans!

I just wanted to say, Naomi's voicebank was once again fixed.

Here is the new download link.

So sorry about that! ^^;

Now, We can get onto some exciting news!

I am currently working a VCV Triphonic voicebank for Naomi. And sometime in the future, I will also be giving her an English voicebank so she can sing English songs. :D

That was all I had to announce, I hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Naomi Appends + updated voicebank

Hello to all Naomi fans! :D

I just want to be clear & say Naomi has an Append currently being worked on.
Dark Append, The first Append to ever be created for Naomi.

I even had a poll over on DeviantART asking which Append should be made first, And there were 3 that had equal votes.

Dark, Solid, Whisper

But I knew I couldn't do all 3 at the same time, So I had one more poll, With the top 3 most voted Appends, Asking which one I should do first.

And Dark Append won the poll.

The order will go like this.

Dark, Whisper, Solid

Then, I'm not sure what to do after Solid. Guess I need to do a poll for the others afterwards. ^^;

Now, I would like to announce Naomi's voicebank was updated again. Apperantly the oto.ini in her voicebank wasn't configured correctly. So it was once again fixed.
You can find the new file in the links section. :3

Alrighty, That was all I needed to announce.
Have a nice day everyone!~

Dana M. Reynolds, Creator & owner of Naomi Nako~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Naomi's updated voicebank!

Hello Naomi fans!

I would like to announce that Naomi's voicebank has finally been updated!

To let you all know, I would like for you to remove the old voicebank from your computer, And download this one instead.

That's all I needed to announce! Thank you, And see you around everyone!

Dana M. Reynolds, Creator & owner of Naomi Nako~

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello Naomi fans!

I am sorry to say, Some of the sounds in Naomi's voicebank are not working properly. They sound too slow. So I am having to fix those right away.

Do not worry, It will be updated again soon enough!
Once it is finished, The updated voicebank will be posted.

I am so sorry about this everyone!

Dana M. Reynolds, Creator & owner of Naomi Nako~

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naomi's voicebank now available!

Hello Naomi fans!

It is official, Naomi's voicebank is now available for download.

Here is the official download link.

I am sorry for not getting it up any sooner! ^^;

Have fun everyone!
Dana M. Reynolds, Creator & owner of Naomi Nako~

Monday, June 4, 2012

New release date

Hello to Naomi fans!

I am sorry if I didn't get Naomi's voicebank up during the release date I put up for Naomi's voicebank release, It's taking a little longer than normal to get me to work on it.
A few reasons are...

-Working the oto.ini until the numbers in it are correct-
-Testing the sounds in UTAU to make sure they need work-
-Recording more sounds. I want to make sure Naomi has practically every Japanese sound in her voicebank, Because I have seen a lot of UTAUs with not every sound in their voicebank-

The new expected release date of Naomi's voicebank should be expected from June 5th - June 11th.
But who knows? It's almost finished, So it may even be up by tomorrow if possible! You never know what could happen!

I am sorry this had to happen to you fans of Naomi! ^^;

That's everything! See you around!

Dana M. Reynolds, Owner & creator of Naomi Nako~

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Naomi voicebank release

Hello Naomi fans!

As a lot of you have seen, There are already quite a few drawings of Naomi, She even has her own UTAU wiki page, And some of you have even been asking "Can you send me a link to Naomi? Because she's awsome. 8D"
But then as explained, She so far has no voicebank or official song yet.

But no more! You may all be excited, As Naomi is about to have her voicebank released & up for download soon!
I am so sorry this couldn't have happened months ago as it was supposed to be planned, It's because there were many errors in the first four attempts of making her voicebank. (Unclear sounds, Bad quality, There was background noise which shouldn't have been there, Some words sounded unclear, And some were not even working in UTAU itself.)
Luckily, This time I was able to get it to work, And I was able to figure out how to use the oto.ini at last, So it will be easier to work with her voicebank.

I have been messing with the oto.ini in UTAU on Naomi's voicebank for some time now. And I was able to get it to where she can sing at extremely fast paces & still have clear pronunciations in her words.

All that is needed is to finish the last of recording her voicebank & then creating the oto.ini for her voicebank, And it will finally be finished.

Her voicebank should be up for download somewhere between May 27th - June 4th.
Yet again, I am sorry for not getting it up any sooner as I mentioned before there were many errors in making her voicebank in the past.

This is all I needed to announce, Have a nice day!
Dana M. Reynolds~