Monday, June 4, 2012

New release date

Hello to Naomi fans!

I am sorry if I didn't get Naomi's voicebank up during the release date I put up for Naomi's voicebank release, It's taking a little longer than normal to get me to work on it.
A few reasons are...

-Working the oto.ini until the numbers in it are correct-
-Testing the sounds in UTAU to make sure they need work-
-Recording more sounds. I want to make sure Naomi has practically every Japanese sound in her voicebank, Because I have seen a lot of UTAUs with not every sound in their voicebank-

The new expected release date of Naomi's voicebank should be expected from June 5th - June 11th.
But who knows? It's almost finished, So it may even be up by tomorrow if possible! You never know what could happen!

I am sorry this had to happen to you fans of Naomi! ^^;

That's everything! See you around!

Dana M. Reynolds, Owner & creator of Naomi Nako~


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