Sunday, July 1, 2012

Naomi Appends + updated voicebank

Hello to all Naomi fans! :D

I just want to be clear & say Naomi has an Append currently being worked on.
Dark Append, The first Append to ever be created for Naomi.

I even had a poll over on DeviantART asking which Append should be made first, And there were 3 that had equal votes.

Dark, Solid, Whisper

But I knew I couldn't do all 3 at the same time, So I had one more poll, With the top 3 most voted Appends, Asking which one I should do first.

And Dark Append won the poll.

The order will go like this.

Dark, Whisper, Solid

Then, I'm not sure what to do after Solid. Guess I need to do a poll for the others afterwards. ^^;

Now, I would like to announce Naomi's voicebank was updated again. Apperantly the oto.ini in her voicebank wasn't configured correctly. So it was once again fixed.
You can find the new file in the links section. :3

Alrighty, That was all I needed to announce.
Have a nice day everyone!~

Dana M. Reynolds, Creator & owner of Naomi Nako~


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