Saturday, June 22, 2013

Using this blog for more than just Naomi

I've been busy with my other UTAUs as of lately, and since I'm getting more attached to them, I'm going to make this blog themed with my four UTAUloids.

Naomi Nako of course being the main one.
But the other three will be

Ongaku Aikouka
Kagayaku Niji
Usagi Jeido

So expect to see some changes soon!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Editing theme

I'm using a theme called Club, and it'll seem... non-Naomi related at first, but I'll be fixing it very slowly. Editing it as I work on Naomi's blog. C:

Blog will be active again

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to bring this up.

This blog is going to become active again!

I haven't been very active in the Vocaloid/UTAUloid fandom for a long time because I was very active in other fandoms such as Hetalia, Homestuck, Sherlock, Regular Show, etc.

I even uninstalled my UTAU program and recording software because I thought I just got too bored with the fandom.

But then recently I was listening to some UTAU covers of some songs, and it dawned on me.
I didn't ever realize how much I missed the fandom.

So now I am back, and Naomi is getting an ACT 2 CV voicebank and a triphonic/VCV voicebank.

And since I came back, I ditched seven other UTAUs I had. So yep. They are gone. Gone.
But Naomi will remain. I'm just too attached to her. <33

AND, she even got an updated look!

I will be posting her latest stuff on this blog soon!

Alright guys! That's all for now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello everyone!

I am very sorry that this blog has not been updated in such a long time! I even almost forgot about this blog because of how inactive it's been!

Anyways, it's likely this blog won't be very active that much anymore.

But I do have an alternative.

I'll be starting a blog for all of my UTAUs over on Tumblr, so if you have a Tumblr, you can follow that blog.
But first, I need to make it!

I'll let everyone know once the blog is done, okay?

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great day!~